up|set1 [ ,ʌp`set ] adjective **
1. ) very sad, worried, or angry about something:
Why are you so upset?
They felt too upset to talk about the incident.
upset about/over/by: They're all still very upset about losing the case.
get/become upset: It's nothing to get upset about.
really/terribly/dreadfully upset: Poor Bill looked terribly upset.
upset (that): She feels upset that we didn't tell her the truth.
2. ) if your stomach is upset, you have an illness that is affecting your stomach, usually caused by something that you have eaten or drunk:
Phone and tell them you've got an upset stomach.
up|set 2 [ ʌp`set, `ʌp,set ] (past tense and past participle up|set) verb transitive **
1. ) to make someone feel sad, worried, or angry:
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you.
People were upset by Hansen's rude remarks.
2. ) to spoil something such as a plan:
I'm sorry if I've upset your plans for this evening.
a ) to make something stop working in the normal way:
A new policy on taxation would upset the political balance of the country.
3. ) to knock something over accidentally: SPILL
4. ) to defeat an opponent who is considered to be better than you:
Sweden came close to upsetting Brazil during their match in Stockholm.
upset someone's stomach
to cause an illness that affects someone's stomach:
Rich food always upsets my stomach.
upset yourself
to become sad, worried, or angry by thinking about something unpleasant:
Please don't upset yourself like this.
up|set 3 [ `ʌp,set ] noun
1. ) count an occasion when someone defeats an opponent who is considered to be better than them:
It was one of the biggest upsets of the tournament.
2. ) count an illness that affects your stomach, usually caused by something that you have eaten or drunk:
a stomach/tummy upset
3. ) count or uncount MAINLY BRITISH a feeling of sadness, worry, or anger
a ) count something that makes you feel sad, worried, or angry

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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